Innovation requires inspiration and collaboration

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Innovation requires inspiration and collaboration
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One thing that this unpredictable pandemic has pointed out clearly is that implementing new technology is now more important than ever. Think of how much more economically devastating the pandemic-associated restrictions would have been without the communication and sensing technologies that have been developed and widely adopted just in the past decade.

We know technology is advancing at a staggering pace, but we also know that, when it comes to new technology, one size doesn’t fit all. For instance, robots and sensors developed for automobile plants can’t just be plugged in and used at poultry facilities and farms. These technologies require modification and further development before they can be implemented economically in poultry operations.

Find and implement new technologies for your operations by being part of the conversation early in the development process. The Virtual Poultry Tech Summit promotes collaboration between poultry industry professionals, technology innovators, researchers, investors and established technology providers with the ultimate goal of speeding the development and adoption of new technologies to benefit all aspects of the poultry supply chain.

Improve the odds that the next generation of robots, probiotics, vaccines, diagnostic tools, data aggregation and artificial intelligence, on-farm sensors and block chain systems will improve your operations’ performance and profitability by joining us at the 2020 Virtual Poultry Tech Summit. Collaborate and help shape the development of technologies that will help solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

I invite you to join this international gathering by registering to join us on October 20-22. The Virtual Poultry Tech Summit features the unveiling of exciting technologies in development, discussions of emerging technologies that are available now to solve industry challenges, and expert panels discussing the trends that will shape the future of the poultry industry.