Is Spanish meat of poor quality? A veterinarian settles the debate opened by Alberto Garzón

The president of the Cáceres Veterinary College denies that the quality of the meat is bad or that the animals are mistreated. “If someone does not comply with the regulations, we act,” he says

After the storm, the last one caused by the statements of the Minister of Consumption Alberto Garzón, it’s time to pick up the cable. Garzón says that his words have been misinterpreted in an interview with a British media about the quality of the meat that Spain exports. According to him, the journalist of the newspaper The Guardian had to exclude some elements for reasons of space and that from the meat sector his words have been enlarged.

What did he literally say? Well, the macro-farms pollute the water and the soil and export this meat, which he said is “of poor quality and from abused animals . ” In Moncloa they distance themselves from these statements and say that Garzón does not speak on behalf of anyone.

As consumers, we are above all concerned with the quality of what we eat. Above all, taking into account that it is the Minister of Consumer Affairs who says so. Juan Antonio Vicente, president of the Cáceres Veterinary College, has assured that the meat that is produced and consumed in our country is “totally safe.” «All guarantees are fulfilled and livestock farms adapt all regulations. The product is not only controlled at the time of slaughter, but also at the level of primary production.On the farm there is an official control of the veterinarians responsible for one of the Autonomous Communities. We have to guarantee compliance with animal welfare regulations on livestock farms. But there are also other clinical veterinarians who have been training farmers and farm workers for years and years so that all the rules are met, ”he explains.

And is there animal abuse, as Minister Garzón also assures? Vicente is clear: «There is no animal abuse. And if it exists and we are aware of it, we act. Our hand does not shake in this regard because it is one of our functions. The quality of meat from livestock production is beyond doubt. ‘