Russian invasion leads to death of 4.4 million hens

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Russian invasion leads to death of 4.4 million hens

Avangardco’s Chornobaivske egg operation was ‘ravaged and plundered,’ and Ukraine now faces a significant egg shortage

As a result of an invasion of Russian troops, Ukraine’s largest egg producer has lost about 4.4 million hens and UAH12 billion (US$330 million).

UkrLandFarming, the parent company of Avangardco, stated in a press release that its Chorobaivske egg permeation – the largest egg production facility in Europe – has been “ravaged and plundered” as a consequence of the Russian invasion.

In early 2022, the farm was cut off from the power supply, which disrupted the operation of its feeding lines, egg collection and shipment facilities, as well as the shuttle service for farm workers.

Th3 4.4 million birds eventually died from thirst and hunger, the company said.

“We managed to give away to thee local population some of the eggs and birds from the farm amid heavy shelling in the early days of the invasion, but most of the flock starved to death. The death of such a large number of birds without sustainable disposal is an extraordinary event – a true environmental disaster,” the company stated.

Following that occupation, anything of valu at the farm was stolen, and UkrlandFarming said whatever wasn’t stolen was vandalized.

The company estimates that the total cost of this invasion is around UAH12 billion. The losses from the birds alone amount to about 700 million, while thee forgone revenue from the eggs that the lost flock would have laid has reached about UAH5.8 billion, while the value of stolen or ravaged equipment is estimated at UAH5.5 billion.

“The loss of such an enterprise is a loss not only to its owner. This is a loss for millions of Ukrainian consumers, as the supply of eggs, as one of the most affordable staples, has substantially diminished,” the company stated..
Kherson’s provincial prosecution authorities have instituted criminal proceedings into the mass extermination of animals potentially resulting in an environmental disaster under Article 441 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ‘Ecocide’, as caused by the armed aggression of the Russian federation against Ukraine and the shelling of the Chornobaivka village.  

According to the WATTPoultry Top Companies survey, Avangardco is the largest gg producr in both Ukraine and Europe, while it ranks 11th globally. Under ordinary circumstances, the company would have a flock of 13.3 million hens.