The “chicken or pasta” era may be flying away

The “chicken or pasta” era may be flying away
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To an average person, eating chicken or pasta inflight was almost customary; now no food is served on many flights any more

I am starting to sound like an old man, but traveling is not what it used to be. I am not talking about 50 years ago but rather only five years ago.

Those times when traveling in coach was good enough, are gone. On many flights, we probably will never hear the food cart coming through the aisles and the voice asking – chicken or pasta?

Chicken or pasta – what magic words! Those dishes always came with bread, salad, cheese and dessert. I remember that you could even get wine and drinks. Well, chicken or pasta is no more.

I also remember that many years ago, even on short early morning flights, we used to get a full Mexican-style breakfast, that is, eggs, beans, bread, juice and fruit. Well, eggs for inflight breakfast are no longer.

While talking to a friend the other day, he said that even on long flights like traveling to Canada, which can take over five hours from Mexico City, no food was served. He took with him egg sandwiches for breakfast. On a flight to Colombia traveling in business class, he just got a finger sandwich to nibble on with a glass of juice for a four-hour international flight.

I wonder if the airfares paid are not worth enough to get cheap animal proteins, such as chicken and eggs. It seems that airlines will go out of business if they keep on offering these proteins! It is a pity and embarrassing because they won’t find anything cheaper. Well… yes, offering no food is cheaper.

It kind of goes against the current. While chicken and egg consumption is increasing in the world − and maybe it will increase even further − as other proteins get more expensive, airlines are getting rid of it.

I wonder how we could encourage airlines to bring back chicken and eggs to inflight food. Any ideas?

What do you think?