Uses and Proprerties

Usos y Propiedades

Maslina markets a complete range of products based on active ingredients from the olive tree, which can be applied both separately and in combination in the field of animal nutrition. Their beneficial effects on the organism translate into an improvement in production parameters, herds with more uniform results due to better resistance to environmental stress, less use of antibiotics and less incidence of pathologies due to a better immune response.

As a result of the knowledge and experience accumulated in recent years, Maslina has developed proprietary protocols that allow the production of functional food, from the enrichment of the animals’ diet with their products.

Usos y Propiedades

Como consecuencia del conocimiento y experiencia acumulados en los últimos años, Maslina ha desarrollado una serie de protocolos que permiten la producción de alimentos funcionales, a partir del enriquecimiento de la dieta de los animales con sus productos.

usos y propiedades

For this purpose, a facultative label called Himacol® has been developed, which guarantees that the foods that incorporate it come from animals whose diets have been enriched with natural extracts from the olive tree, providing the final product the differentiation and added value that enable its valorization in the market.

Properties of Terpenes and Phenols of the Olive Tree

1.-Increased intestinal transcellular active transport
2.-Increase in the mass of the intestinal epithelium and the integrity of the epithelium. Prevention of colonization and damage to the epithelium by pathogens
3.- Local and systemic attenuation of the inflammatory response and the tissue damage associated with it
4.-Reduction of the enzymatic activity of the serine protease group:
* Inhibition of the parasitization of microorganisms of the Apicomplexa filum (coccidia, genus Cryptosporidium and genus Neospora)

1.-High antioxidant activity.
* Protective effect of oxidation of LDL particles (recognized by the EFSA -EFSA Journal 2011; 9 (4): 2033-)
* Improved metabolic efficiency by reducing the presence of free radicals
* Enhancement of the action of dyes in feed
2.-Hyperplastic effect of the intestinal epithelium
3.-Modification of the lipid profile of accumulated fat * Increase of polyunsaturated fats (DHA, linoleic)