What makes a chicken marketing campaign successful?

¿Qué hace que una campaña de marketing de pollo sea exitosa?

To improve your brand’s consumer connection, think about what’s compelling to you

Chicken marketers, remember that you’re a consumer too. 

That’s what Joe Conte, vice president sales, Media Center of Excellence, IRI, and one of the featured speakers at the upcoming 2022 Chicken Marketing Summit told me recently.

“I think it’s important that while we dig into the technology and the data and work with our retail and channel partners is not to forget that we’re consumers too. What is the experience that we want? What is the experience we’ll find compelling?” he explained.

“If an idea doesn’t make sense to you or you think it’s stupid or confusing, then it is no matter how clever or how innovative or how bleeding edge it is.”

I thought he made a spectacular point. At the heart of it, marketing is just creating a connection with consumers. 

Take a moment to think about what factors you use when purchasing chicken. 

Does your household value convenience – either through family meals at the drive thru or meal kits or value-added chicken cuts at the grocery store? Do comfort foods – like chicken sandwiches or roasted chicken – remind you of the meals Mom used to make when you were little?

Or maybe, you see an opportunity to try new flavors or recreate that meal you had on a trip? (Or, if you’re like me, you’re trying to stave off two years of travel lust with foods that taste like far off places).

Identifying a chicken marketing message that’s impactful

Identifying what’s important to you – and what marketing messages have the greatest impact – will help you forge better connections with other chicken consumers for your brand.

I’d also encourage you to nominate the chicken marketing campaigns that you think did the best job of promoting chicken meat consumption in 2021 for the Chicken Marketer of the Year award. 

This award recognizes excellence in marketing and public relations campaigns — whether print, digital, video, audio or integrated across multiple channels — in keeping chicken as the protein on the center of the plate.

Due to overwhelming interest, the deadline to nominate a company or organization for Chicken Marketer of the Year has been extended to May 13. To submit your free nomination, visit https://www.wattglobalmedia.com/chickenmarketingsummit/chicken-marketer-of-the-year.

Attend the 2022 Chicken Marketing Summit

The 2022 Chicken Marketing Summit will be held at Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia on July 25-27. Serving a unique cross section of the chicken supply chain, Chicken Marketing Summit explores issues and trends in food marketing and consumer chicken consumption patterns and purchasing behavior.

Source: wattagnet.com