Can computer vision streamline egg counting, weighing?

Can computer vision streamline egg counting, weighing?

Fewer eggs can indicate a health issue in the poultry house.

Despite nearly a century of intensive layer production in the U.S., accurate and consistent egg counting methods remain elusive.

“We had received a lot of complaints from various farms about inaccurate counting – anywhere from 5% off on the number of eggs to upwards of 20%,” Evan Anderson, CAD designer, AgriNerds, said.

“Any miscounted egg is a detriment because chickens not laying eggs means unhealthy chickens. The more you can detect that and keep up with that means that you have better control over what’s happening inside your poultry houses.”

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Computer vision provides a more accurate egg count

Computer vision could enable a more accurate egg count on the layer belt while also providing row level egg weights and quality checks for dirt, cracks and more.

“What we’re trying to do is use multiple counters in a series to have them self-check against themselves,” Anderson explained.

The system uses an infrared scanner, sonic sensors and visual imaging software to monitor the eggs running along the conveyer belt. An algorithm in the software processes the images that pass by frame by frame and can recognize eggs.

Together, this technology provides multiple approaches for counting and weighing eggs, improving the accuracy.

The team developed a prototype of the egg counting and weighing machine and they plan to test the computer vision technology in the field later this year.

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