This social media fitness influencer eats 100 eggs/day

Maybe eggs are the most effective option when it comes to building muscle.

itness influencer Fernando Torraca is going viral for his meal prep routine that features 100 eggs a day.

Also known as “King of the Diet,” Torraca has shared in videos across multiple of his social media platforms that he swears by protein, specifically from eggs, to maintain his physique. 

One of his TikTok videos with almost two million views shows a large basket holding 400 eggs. In the video, he claims it would only take him four days to eat them all. “I’ve been training now for 19 years, and I eat 7 to 8 to 10 meals a day,” he explained. “I’m eating basically almost every hour, hour and a half.”

Even though Torraca is well known on social media for his other meal choices and body building routines, he went viral after showcasing his egg consumption habits.

In one of his TikTok videos that highlights dozens of eggs, he shows himself pouring the yolks down the drain, suggesting that he only consumes the egg whites.

In one of his YouTube videos, he explains that he only includes a couple of yolks in a large batch of eggs that he is cooking and throws the rest away. When some of his viewers questioned why he doesn’t buy liquid egg whites, he said that he only trusts real eggs and that the bottled product tastes different than egg whites directly from a shell egg. 

Additionally, he prefers eggs over protein supplements because he believes that real food is better for you and that eggs are better for the digestive process.

“I like real eggs, that’s it,” he said in the YouTube video. “My body doesn’t absorb that kind of protein (from chicken or salmon). My body absorbs the egg’s protein very well. That’s why I eat a lot of eggs.”

Interestingly enough, he also claims he does not care about how much money he is spending on his meal prep routine, so he probably has no comment on 2022’s egg prices. Nevertheless, he’s obviously putting all if his eggs in one basket. On the bright side, he can probably single-handedly keep a small egg producer in business.