Largest world production of chicken meat in 2022

Largest world production of chicken meat in 2022

The USDA has forecast a 2 percent higher global chicken meat production in 2022, which will reach a record 100.9 million tons. All major producers will profit from the most significant growth in Brazil, China and the United States. Despite relatively high feed prices reducing profitability globally, the expansion is driven by strong demand as consumers seek low-cost animal protein.

Brazil’s growth is driven by both global demand and domestic consumption, as household budgets are under pressure. Production in China will rebound as large white feather broiler operations utilize the production capacity of the new facility.

Expectations of a better economic outlook, alleviating COVID-related production problems and strong domestic and external demand will drive Thailand’s production higher.

Meanwhile, EU production is forecast to be higher as the sector recovers from the impact of food service disruptions and highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks.

World exports are forecast 3 percent by 2022, to a record 13.3 million tonnes. Modest growth in major markets enables major exporters to make a profit. Brazil, the world’s leading exporter, will account for more than a third of the growth, as it is well positioned to benefit from growing demand from the EU and the UK.

Brazil will also be able to capture the growing imports from East Asia and the Middle East. Growing demand from Asia, particularly Japan and China, underpins Thailand’s expansion. Demand from China will remain strong, increasing slightly despite increased production